Tenderseal™ is a unique, proprietary marinade system. When applied to seafood and meat by means of injection or vacuum tumbling, Tenderseal offers a multitude of benefits to both processors and downstream customers. For processors, Tenderseal™ will increase cook weight yields and provide a significant cost savings. For downstream customers, the Tenderseal system locks in moisture, natural juices, and flavor resulting in a more desirable product. Tenderseal also protects against overcooking as well as over exposure to heat lamps and buffet trays. Lastly, Tenderseal can help to extend shelf-life by retarding or eliminating the oxidation process. Seldom does a single piece of technology provide tangible benefits to everyone within the food chain. Tenderseal systems are revolutionary products that save money for the processor – and their customers – as well as dramatically improving the eating quality of the food.

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