LESS™ is a proprietary salt replacement product based on the combination of multiple technologies that can be used in a broad range of sodium/salt reduction applications. It is unique because it maintains the flavor, quality, functionality and most shelf life aspects that common salt provides. LESS has been used to achieve significant salt reductions in bakery products, soups, meats, crackers, chips and other products. It can be used to improve taste in existing reduced sodium products because it has a strong initial flavor impact like salt and clean flavor finish all without any lingering off flavors like potassium chloride. LESS is a free flowing granular powder with physical properties similar to salt, and is typically two to three times stronger than salt depending on the application. It is added at the same stage in a process that common salt would be added.


A blend of natural reaction and compounded flavor technologies to provide a strong sweet flavor with a classic sugar type profile which can be used as an overall flavor enhancement or as an “added sugar” reduction. This product contains no artificial sweeteners, Stevia, Monk Fruit or sugar alcohols, allowing it to be labeled as a “Natural Flavor”, not as a sweetener. Due to its combination of flavor technologies, it provides a very strong, upfront sweet sugar impact with no lingering off notes and approximately 100x stronger than sugar, making it a very good candidate for reducing sugar in a wide variety of applications, in addition to providing a very clean label.


Inspired by the ‘French Paradox’, the lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases that occur in France than in other western countries, the FSI Flavorceutical™ line is comprised of specialty formulated products containing polyphenols from fruits, vegetables and nuts combined with protein technology, advanced flavor technology and state of the art micro-emulsion technology. This novel delivery system makes our products more user friendly, water soluble and highly bioavailable. By combining technologies to include protein modification, compounded flavor, and micro-emulsion technologies we are not only able to provide significantly higher levels of polyphenol binding on the matrix but also water soluble delivery systems with none of the bitterness that is usually associated with polyphenol enrichment. Our premium polyphenol enriched natural flavor systems can be provided as powders or water soluble, very stable emulsions.


MicroFresh™ Is a 100% naturally derived flavor from plant material that is organic compliant and/or 100% organic with strong antimicrobial properties providing a powerful broad spectrum kill. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. MicroFresh Is a phytopharmaceutical (plant pharmaceutical of organic origin) that acts mechanistically by destroying the cellular membrane of a micro-organism followed by DNA destruction. The anti-microbial power Is due to a synergistic action created by the “reaction” of bioflavonoids and added natural flavor precursors with other natural organic acids present In MicroFresh. The MicroFresh range has wide spectrum activity and is effective against bacteria both gram positive and gram negative and fungi. MicroFresh formulations do not invoke pathogen mutations. The unique combination of actives ensures that the biocidal activity (via cell wall Intrusion) Is not Influenced by mutation In the pathogens. This is not the case with most synthetically produced biocides, which have to be periodically substituted to avoid “Pathogen tolerance”.


Tenderseal™ is a unique, proprietary marinade system. When applied to seafood and meat by means of injection or vacuum tumbling, Tenderseal offers a multitude of benefits to both processors and downstream customers. For processors, Tenderseal™ will increase cook weight yields and provide a significant cost savings. For downstream customers, the Tenderseal system locks in moisture, natural juices, and flavor resulting in a more desirable product. Tenderseal also protects against overcooking as well as over exposure to heat lamps and buffet trays. Lastly, Tenderseal can help to extend shelf-life by retarding or eliminating the oxidation process. Seldom does a single piece of technology provide tangible benefits to everyone within the food chain. Tenderseal systems are revolutionary products that save money for the processor – and their customers – as well as dramatically improving the eating quality of the food.


Tenderbake extends product shelf life, improves product quality and saves money. It is a combination of technologies designed to control product moisture and maintain fresh flavors throughout the extended shelf life. Tenderbake is a dry, free flowing powder and can be added at various stages of production, and it will not change the product’s color, texture, or flavor unless designed to do so. Tenderbake improves product yields by increasing in process yields, reducing scrap and provides the ability to reduce product loss through shelf life extension. Tenderbake also improves product holding times while providing “oven-fresh” flavor attributes and “oven-fresh” texture attributes throughout the shelf life of the product, which is of key importance to the Food Service industry. Tenderbake is a process friendly product that requires no process modifications, takes baking quality far beyond typical dough conditioners, cleans up labels and saves money.


Our Micro-Emulsion technology is a proprietary process that creates products with unique textures and tastes. The technology allows FSI to reduce preservatives, carbon footprint, and time while also eliminating emulsifiers, surfactants and increasing ingredient compatibility. This is accomplished by FSI because we use a mechanical process rather than the traditional chemical process. The process is a “how you make it” process not a “what it’s made of” that results in a water or oil micro-emulsion which are cleaner, healthier, and more easily used in a wide variety of applications.

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